What does Fluggz offer?

Customer login

If a customer creates an account, he can use the following options:

  • View order history
  • View order status
  • Save designs
  • Save quotations
  • Reorder products ordered before

Manufacturer Dashboard

The manufacturer has a dashboard in which he can edit all orders and customer data and has access to statistics on sales and material usage.

  • Order processing
  • Material Management
  • Management of Calculation Variables
  • Sales statistics per customer
  • Sales statistics per material
  • Sales statistics per period


Fluggz would like everyone to be able to calculate the way he or she likes, with exactly the wanted result. To that end you can use Fluggz with the following calculation variables:

  • Material costs per square meter
  • Material markups (both simple and staggered)
  • Machine hourly rate (both simple and staggered)
  • Setup costs
  • General markup on the product price
  • Shipping costs


The manufactur has the option to set up different kinds of promotions:

  • One time only or repeated
  • As a discount-percentage or as a fixed amount
  • Turn off shipping costs






Fluggz has an integration with all major parcel shipment companies, so that shipment can be handled straight from the Fluggz ordering system, including tracking & tracing.


Fluggz offers every manufacture access to an own payment-tool, so they have full control of the financial development of their order. Fluggz supports the following payment methods:

  • Credit Cards
  • Direct Payment (iDeal etc.)
  • Transfer
  • Invoice (following release by manufacturer)

For existing clients, manufacturers can use existing payment conditions. For each client, you can determine a payment term and a payment discount for a shorter payment term.

Material Database

Fluggz offers an up-to-date materials database from which manufacturers can select which materials they want to offer. The database includes the following options:

  • Approx. 650 materials in various thicknesses (approx. 3,000 listed materials total)
  • Downloadable data sheets
  • Classified to type of material
  • Filter options on properties, including overall chemical resistance
  • Images
  • Over 30 brand manufacturers (including Klinger, Frenzelit, Semperit, Garlock, etc.)
  • Various generic materials for things like import qualities
  • Private label materials can be included