Time is your scarcest resource

...and also of your customer!

Fluggz cuts all unnecessary steps out of your cutting process

For every order, a significant number of steps need to be taken. No matter how big or small the order is. Both the manufacturer and the customer waste a lot of time in this process. And time is your scarcest resource.

Almost all of these steps do not add value to the product, but are necessary evil. Fluggz automates a large part of these steps, saving both the manufacturer as well as the customer a lot of valuable time.

Average times saved with Fluggz:

Is every quote you make turned into an order?

... probably not!

Fluggz is a free quotation generator

How many quotations do you have to draw up to land one job?

Is your score 1 out of 3? Or 1 out of 5?

All the time used for the calculation of 'lost' quotations is wasted time. Especially for small orders with a value of several tens or hundreds of Euros, as you can't chase those orders.

Fluggz is an automatic quotation generator for the customer. The customer can calculate himself how much the product should cost, whereas the manufacturer does not need to spend a single second on it.

Let's assume you need to make 4 quotations to land one order. Fluggz will save you an additional 2 hours of wasted time. For this you can count savings of about € 100!